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Beth Ellen and Anna are excited to share with you our new venture  – The Hive Collective!  We have joined together as a consulting firm to engage nonprofit organizations in cultures of belonging, inclusive governance, and adaptive planning!

While The Hive Collective is a new venture, we have worked together for several years at Together Women Rise – Beth Ellen as the CEO and Anna as the volunteer national Chair of the Regional Leaders.  Together we were able to implement cultural shifts and to see first-hand the radical shift that occurred when we built community that valued belonging as its core tenet.  The work we were doing did not change, but the context in which we were doing it, the context of belonging, multiplied our ability to achieve our goals.

As friends and colleagues, we know you care about impacting the world in positive, even revolutionary, ways.  We interviewed over 50 organizational leaders this summer to identify what is needed to move faster to our envisioned futures.  These interviews confirmed that giving boards more training on governance without a strong cultural foundation is not enough for board leadership today.  For a strong organizational culture rooted in equity and inclusion, it starts with the board.

Now, through The Hive Collective, we are bringing our combined knowledge and impact to our sector with three modules that can be implemented together or independently, based on the needs of your organization.

Board Culture of Belonging 

We accelerate the creation of a board and organizational culture that allows real belonging to occur.

Governance That Supports Culture 

We assess and advise nonprofit governance practices that enable inclusivity, trust, and equity across the entire organization, identifying patriarchal and colonialized structures that compromise mission, vision, and values.

Adaptive Planning For Strategies 

We facilitate a dynamic process of adaptive planning for strategic systems that reflect your culture, replacing stagnant strategic plans that cannot pivot when the unexpected occurs.

We invite you to visit our The Hive Collective website and to set a time with Beth Ellen to chat about board engagement, adaptable planning, inclusion and equity, or just to catch up.

We look forward to collaborating with you to change the way nonprofits work!