CREED: Racial and Ethnic Equity

Calling All International Development Professionals: Have you heard about CREED? The Coalition for Racial & Ethnic Equity in Development is a collective of global development and humanitarian assistance organizations based in the U.S. committed to building racial & ethnic equity. 

They are launching a PLEDGE to advance racial & ethnic diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in organizations’ policies, systems, and culture. These are tied to attainable, measurable goals. 

Visit their website to check out the pledge & let’s get leaders prepared to join by signing the pledge:


 Giving Circles through Grapevine

As you know, I’m nuts for giving circles having led Together Women Rise for so long and I am so exicited about the new developments with Grapevine to help regular organizations set up their own giving circles.  It is such a great way to raise funds and Grapevine makes it really easy.  I promise they are not paying me to say that.  Emily Rasmussen, the CEO is creative, innovative, and out to change philanthropy.  Check out this PDF for how you can use Grapevine with your donors.

You can also visit

Contemporary Menstrual Studies

We love everything that contributes to gender equality! This new masters-level course is designed to develop your understanding of menstruation today in the contexts of business, feminism, health, law, politics, popular culture, sustainability, spirituality, sport, technology, and wellbeing. 

Find out more HERE.

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