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We are thrilled to announce that The Hive Collective is growing!

Dr. Lisabeth Medlock is a psychologist, consultant, and coach who works in all of the life cycles of organizations and initiatives; from mission, program development, and resourcing to evaluating outcomes, impact, and sustainability.  One of her main roles is to assist organizations in telling their story with a focus on how they promote and achieve meaningful change in the short and long term.  She believes information gathering and evaluation systems should be client-centered and provide quick feedback for continuous improvement.

What do you love about The Hive Collective?

I value working in collaboration with other professionals who share similar values and work toward the betterment of organizations and communities. I also know that a collective approach to consulting can have a tremendous impact on performance at a reduced cost to clients. I know that working in a collective provides the opportunity to see problems and issues from multiple perspectives, and thus, leads to better solutions. The impact of collective wisdom is powerful.

In your work with monitoring and evaluation, what do you think is needed in nonprofits today?

Nonprofits need to have multiple ways to tell their story and know that the story is co-created with their clients. That story includes their impact, both in the short and long term, as well as their purpose and passion. I think nonprofits now, and in the future, need to be value-driven and culture-focused, knowing that a culture that supports sharing leadership and having “power with” instead of “power over” others is a way forward.