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If we want to share our ideas and content considered meaningful, we have to find formats that cut through the noise, are efficient, and a format that fits us most easily. I am personally enjoying the podcast interview format – I’m just recording conversations that I’m having anyway! I’ve discovered that, so far, it takes me about 4-5 hours to produce each podcast from first contact with a guest, editing, then sending it out to you. A friend gave me recommendations on software and got me started on how to use it. I’m getting faster and I’m estimating that I’ll have 1000 downloads within 6 months. I only promote The Unlimited Nonprofit Podcast here and on LinkedIn and I don’t pay for promotion yet.

Candid recently did an informal three-month experiment on work with “short form video” that is worth sharing. They required that it not be burdensome on staff time, used their existing Instagram account, and they opened a TikTok account. The Candid communications team found that they had 92% increased engagement over static posts on Instagram, 12% increase in followers, and gained 290 followers in TikTok. The on-screen staff time was about 30 minutes per video, but the editing time required almost twice what they really wanted to spend on it. Is it worth it? Read more at this Candid article.