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Board Training or Board Coaching?

By February 20, 2023No Comments

Let’s get real. To create change in the way a board of directors functions takes time, attention, and focus. Change does not happen in one training. A board training may help a collective group of people see how they could function better, but it doesn’t change their underlying beliefs, their management style, or even the structures. Changing the way a board works means changing collective behavior and that takes time.

So, board training or coaching? Here’s what works: both training and coaching over a period of time. A board trainer/coach is continually observing behaviors, advising on policies, and identifying and providing needed training for both individuals and the group as a whole.

As a Certified Governance Consultant with BoardSource, I’ve been working with boards for over 20 years. Changing the way a board works is not easy, but it can be done. Using a cycle of assess, train, and coach over a period of time (8-12 months) works wonders for boards. Most importantly, once a board is working effectively, the organization (and the executive(s)!) run smoother and with less stress.

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